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Discover #West End Gems #Denmark Street

A Quick Look At Some Of Central London's West End Gems

Famous Or Not So Famous

Black and White Photo of Denmark Street in Londom
60's Denmark Street London W1

Located off the Charing Cross Road near Centre Point is Denmark Street W1

This unasumming street, now with many #Guitar and #Music Shops has a heritage that dates back to the 1950's. Home to many music publishing companies and recording studios, this street became known as #Tin Pan Alley after the American equivalent.

A fantastic heritage of British music, with Bands such as #The Rolling Stones #The Who and many others recording early work in basement studios.

The bar known as the Gioconda became the hang out of the cream of London based musicians, who would exchange ideas and form new connections whilst sinking a drink or two.

Blue Plaque in Denmark Street
Tin Pan Alley Denmark Street

In the 70's the #Punk Rock pioneers #The Sex Pistols rented an old studio which became a base for the fledgling band, with the members living on the premises for a while.Manager Malcolm McLaren asked architect Ben Kelly to refurbish a basement rehearsal room he had bought from the group Badfinger. The Sex Pistols rehearsed in this room, lived above No. 6, and recorded their first demos there.Johnny Rotten drew cartoons of the members as graffiti which was later revealed in an archaeological survey of the site

The 12 Bar Club at No. 26 Denmark Street, was a small live music venue with a capacity of about 100 people which was established in 1994. The building was originally stables, built in the1600's, before becoming a blacksmiths until after World War I. It closed in January 2015 as part of the redevelopment work, while the actual smithy in which it had operated was retained intact as a historic building, being moved temporarily by crane so that construction could be carried out beneath it, then replaced in its original position. After the 12 Bar Club's closure and clearance of Enterprise Studios on Denmark Place, a group of musicians and supporters squatted in the club's premises and staged a demonstration in the street, protesting against redevelopment. Former owner of Creation Records, Alan McGee supported the protestors, saying "you really couldn’t say a bad word against any of them. And they know the law, so they can't just be thrown out of there.

Get down to Denmark Street if you have any interest in British music, and leave a comment letting us know what you think.

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