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Discover #West End Gems #Wartski Jewellers

A Quick Look At Some Of Central London's #West End Gems

Famous Or Not So Famous

#Wartski Jewellers 60 St James Street London SW1

Jewellery Shop in St James London
Wartski Jewellers

Discover an outstanding #West End Gem - Wartski Jewellers

This beautiful Jewellers in St James

have built a reputation worldwide for being the go to experts on objects by Carl Faberge.

Based for many years up the road in Grafton Street W1, the company moved to it's new premises in 2018, which is a stunning shop with some fantastic Jewellery.

Originally started in Llundudno Wales in 1865 by Morris Wartski, by 1911 Wartski's had moved into London.

It was around this time the company's connection with #Carl Faberge started taking shape. They were one of the few Jewellers who made purchases from the Soviet Government department, known as the Antiquariat, between 1927 until 1933. These included a variety of precious objects including the gold chalice given by Catherine the Great to the Cathedral of St. Aleksandr Nevskii Lavra (now in the Hillwood Museum in Washington DC). Amongst these transactions were numerous masterpieces by Carl Fabergé, including several of the famous #Imperial Easter Eggs.

Thus was built the beginings of an ongoing connection with the Master Craftsman.

In 2014, they revealed the existence of the lost Third Imperial Fabergé Easter Egg and exhibited it for the first time in 112 years in the Grafton Street Shop.

Director Kieron McCarthy was guest curator of the hugely successful exhibition devoted to Faberge, entitled ‘Fabergé, from Romance to Revolution’, held at the #Victoria and Albert Museum from November 2021 until April 2022, and coinciding with the H.M. The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. 

Along side Faberge, the shop is full of beautiful jewellery of all styles, and the Director's and staff are always willing to pass on the vast knowledge they have aquired over the years.

A must visit for anybody interested in Fine Jewellery and it's history.

#West 1 Window Cleaning have been working with Wartski for over 40 years, cleaning

the Windows Brass and General Cleaning of all Shop Office and Bathroom areas.

Wartski Shop Interior

West 1 Window Cleaning Logo

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